Mythbusters 11

Mythbusters 11

MYTH: Warmer temperatures will lead to more evaporation and therefore more rain, so global warming will not lead to a drier world.

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Mythbusters 10

Mythbusters 10: Isn’t global warming the result of volcanic activity?

And in fact, volcanic activity in modern times has a cooling effect, not a warming one, as it increases the particulate matter in the atmosphere, thereby reducing albedo (the reflection […]

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Mythbusters 9

Mythbusters 9: Is it too late to do anything about climate change?

MYTH: There’s nothing we can do about climate change; it’s too big a problem and too late to act.

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Mythbusters 8

Mythbusters 8: Isn’t nuclear power the best solution to global warming?

“What about nuclear power? Isn’t that the best solution to global warming?”

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Mythbusters 7

Mythbusters: Climate scientists making money from the myth of global warming?

MYTH: Climate scientists make money and get famous by spreading the myth of global warming.
FACT:… ?

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Mythbusters: How do you explain the cooling of the 40s and 50s?

MYTH: If CO2 is the cause of global warming, how do you explain the temperature decrease that occurred in the 40s and 50s?
FACT: …?

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Mythbusters 5

Mythbusters: How can computers predict the climate?

MYTH: Computers can’t predict the weather two weeks ahead with certainty. How can they predict the climate years from now?
FACT:….. ?

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Mythbusters: Humans cause only 4% of global emissions?

Click here for a comprehensive list of more than eighty climate denial myths – all busted!

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Mythbusters: 3 Degrees of Warming is Nothing…

MYTH: 3 degrees C of warming is nothing… The difference between summer and winter is far greater than this.

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Mythbusters: Is solar activity making temperatures rise?

Myth: Recent temperature rises have been caused by solar activity, not by rises in CO2
Fact:…. ?

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