global warming

Climate stripes for Sydney, 1856-2022. Graphics and lead scientist: Ed Hawkins, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UoR. Data: Berkeley Earth, NOAA, UK Met Office, MeteoSwiss, DWD, SMHI, UoR & ZAMG CC BY 4.0

#ShowYourStripes !

These stripes represent the average temperature in Sydney each year from 1856 (when reliable data began) to 2022 – blue for the coldest, red for the hottest. This gives us a stark visualisation of global warming over the past century and a half, and a idea of what is to come if we allow this trend to continue.

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See what 3 degrees C of global warming looks like; Documentary from The Economist

See what 3 degrees of global warming looks like

Arise of 3°C in global temperatures above pre-industrial levels by 2100 would be disastrous. Its effects would be felt differently around the world, but nowhere would be immune. Take fifteen minutes of your time to watch this excellent documentary:

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