Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct:

Be respectful:

• to members of the general public, including political opponents, even if they strongly
disagree with your statements or presence
• to other members and supporters – both at face to face meetings / events and online
communications – even when you disagree
• to councillors, MPs and all relevant staff

Be inclusive and supportive.

We will not tolerate behaviour, either online or in person, which is:
• rude, aggressive, bullying or violent (towards people or property)
• sexual harassment of any type
• racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory
• putting anyone else in danger of harm or harassment

Concerns or grievances about any members or supporters behaviour should be raised with
committee members in line with grievance policy.

Special note on minors:

No adult to be left alone with unrelated children under the age of 18 at any events organised by the association.
Our association should endeavour, where possible, to be allies of local children and young
people fighting for their future, while supporting them to lead their own organisation/s and