Our People

Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay has a Committee of seven people, all of whom are elected at our Annual General Meeting for terms of one year. There is no limit to the number of terms members can serve on the Committee.

The Committee comprises a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus ordinary members making up the total of seven. The office-bearing positions are elected for terms of one year, with a limit of five consecutive terms that a person can serve in one position. In addition we have a Public Officer as required under State law which is elected annually.

Our office-bearers for 2023-24 (elected at AGM 28 November 2023):
President: Ken Enderby (since November 2021)
Vice-President: vacant
Secretary: Billie Ayling (since November 2021)
Treasurer: Rick Eyre (since November 2022)
Public Officer: Billie Ayling (since November 2021)

Our Committee

Ken Enderby (President) has degrees in history and economics, and has lived in Canada Bay since 1994. He has been a campaigner for peace, human rights and economic development for 45 years, working on projects in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Up until his retirement in 2019, he was head teacher of Career Pathways at Bankstown TAFE, where he taught history, economics and politics. Since then, he has focused his attention on climate change and has been president of Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay since 2021. He is also a mentor with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and a facilitator with Climate for Change. You can contact him on 0434 265 460, or at ken.enderby@hotmail.com.

Billie Ayling (Secretary and Public Officer) is a retiree living in Croydon. Her former careers were in curriculum and learning materials management in TAFE. Before retraining in adult education, she worked was a social worker in Redfern and in the Burwood/Ashfield/Strathfield area. After retiring, Billie undertook volunteer work, notably as ethics teacher at a local primary school. Through her interest in native plants, Billie became concerned about environmental damage and the dire consequences of climate change. In recent years, she completed units within an Environmental Science Graduate Certificate course, with a focus on plant families and ecology. She hopes to complete that course in the near future.

Rick Eyre (Treasurer) arrived at climate activism via public sector management, co-founding a leading international sports website, editing an environmental magazine, and listening to and talking with people through online social media worldwide for three decades. He is a close follower of climate news and developments in the progtech industry (IT for progressive movements). Rick joined CABCB in February 2020, and was elected to its Committee in 2021. As well as being treasurer, he administers CABCB’s website and technology. Rick is a member of the Institute of Community Directors Australia.

James Enderby has a bachelor’s degree from Sydney University, and works in the field of medical recruitment. He has travelled widely in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, and has had a interest in human rights and economic development since his middle teens. When he was 18, he went on a study trip to the Philippines, where he experienced life in the slums and in a village with no road, electricity or running water. James has also undertaken study trips to North Korea, Israel and the Occupied Territories. In 2014, he visited the Burj al-Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon, where his family is funding a health project. James joined the committee of CABCB in 2021. He is currently doing postgraduate work in Psychology.

Robin Smith is a graduate of Sydney University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Master’s degree in Education. Before retiring, she was with the NSW Education Department for 33 years as a school counsellor and specialist disabilities consultant. Post retirement, she worked as a casual lecturer and tutor in Special Education at Sydney University. Robin has had a passionate interest in social issues since the 1970s, and a growing concern about climate change drove her to join CABCB in 2022. She currently coordinates CABCB’s Youth Footprint group, which has a focus on educating young people, from school age to young adulthood, on climate issues. One such project is Speaking4thePlanet, which is bringing together local high schools and the Councils in our three LGAs. Robin brings to CABCB her passion for education and her administrative and organisational skills. She has lived in Strathfield for the past 35 years. 

Steven Du came to Australia in 1979, as a refugee from the Vietnam War. He joined CABCB in 2022, and became a member of the committee in November of that year. He believes that concerted action is the only way to deal with the worst humanitarian problem facing the world today – the threat of climate change. As a dentist with almost 30 years experience, Steven is one of the few climate activists in Australia who works in the ‘extractive’ industry. Having served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy, then working in remote towns in NSW, in public hospitals, and in private practice, he deeply understands the community’s needs, expectations and aspirations, and strives to always “do no harm while making the world a better place”. Steven volunteers as a dentist for the Australian Dental Association’s ‘Filling the Gap’ program, which works with charities to provide free dental care for vulnerable and disadvantaged people. He is also Vice Chair of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and NSW representative of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA), both of which promote the adoption of EVs and a sustainable lifestyle.

Rosa Brown was elected to the Committee in November 2023. She has over a decade’s experience in promoting positive action on sustainability and climate change. Her first major project was the Sustainability Week in Zurich, Switzerland. Since returning to Sydney she has led Inner West Families for Climate Action, and facilitated the Inner West Alliance for Climate. She is a high-school teacher and has two young children.