Our Vision

We accept the scientific consensus that:

• global average temperatures have increased since the industrial revolution primarily as a
result of burning fossil fuels;
• the world must urgently and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by 45% by
2030 and to net zero by 2050) to maintain a climate suitable for human civilisation, plus
employ strategies for drawing down carbon dioxide already emitted.

We demand our local, state and federal governments do their utmost to ensure:

• Australia plays a positive role in international strategies to prevent global temperature
increases exceeding 1.5C
• Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are reduced in line with the targets of the Paris
Agreement and successive international agreements
• Australia does not approve or allow any new fossil fuel projects for domestic or export
• Our local community is kept well informed on the climate crisis, what impacts they will
experience, and the steps each level of government is taking toward both climate
mitigation and resilience
• The essential transition to a clean energy future ensures positive economic benefits and
opportunities for communities in both our local area and other parts of Australia,
particularly those communities most at risk of job loss.