About us

We’re ordinary Australians concerned about the climate crisis. And because our politicians are failing to reduce fossil fuel use and emissions, people like us have to step up and campaign.

We’re all volunteers, and our group isn’t aligned to any political party or religious group. We welcome anyone in the federal electorate of Reid, or the Burwood, Strathfield or Canada Bay LGAs (council areas) to get involved in whatever way suits you.

If you’re in Abbotsford, Breakfast Point, Burwood, Cabarita, Canada Bay, Chiswick, Concord, Croydon, Drummoyne, Five Dock, Homebush, Lidcombe, Newington, North Strathfield, Olympic Park, Rhodes, Rodd Point, Russel Lea, Silverwater, Strathfield or Wareemba, we’d love to hear from you!

Come to our meetings, our events or just sign up for our newsletter.

As an incorporated association, we also accept memberships and elect a committee, but you don’t need to be a formal member to get involved.

Our goals:

1) To educate our members and the local community on:

  • what the climate crisis is, and why it’s so serious
  • the latest climate science;
  • the role of fossil fuels;
  • the solutions available to reduce emissions
  • why we must also plan for a changing climate

2) To inspire & empower local residents and businesses to:

  • take effective action such as writing to your MPs
  • stop your own money supporting fossil fuels;
  • reduce your own emissions eg. by switching to renewable energy

3) To lobby councils, state and federal government representatives to :

  • declare and act upon a climate emergency;
  • educate the public on the latest climate science, the need for rapid emissions reduction, and how it can be done,
  • continually reduce emissions as per the latest climate science;
  • plan to end fossil fuel use and exports,
  • invest in clean energy industries, with jobs for Australian workers
  • make sure the transition to a clean energy future is socially just, and creates opportunities for Australian communities, particularly those who are vulnerable to job losses.

4) To build our capacity and alliances, by

  • being an active member of the Climate Action Network Australia;
  • working with any groups or people who share our vision;
  • being inclusive and reaching out to a wide range of locals, including people from culturally and socially diverse communities.

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