Year: 2022

a CABCB meeting in-person/zoom

Next meeting: July TBA

Thank you to all who came to our meeting either in person or online on June 14. Moving forward the plan is to have monthly meetings alternating between in-person and Zoom, but watch our newsletter for updates as they come to hand.

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Mythbusters 11

Mythbusters 11

MYTH: Warmer temperatures will lead to more evaporation and therefore more rain, so global warming will not lead to a drier world.

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Mythbusters 10

Mythbusters 10: Isn’t global warming the result of volcanic activity?

And in fact, volcanic activity in modern times has a cooling effect, not a warming one, as it increases the particulate matter in the atmosphere, thereby reducing albedo (the reflection […]

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Mythbusters 9

Mythbusters 9: Is it too late to do anything about climate change?

MYTH: There’s nothing we can do about climate change; it’s too big a problem and too late to act.

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Mythbusters 8

Mythbusters 8: Isn’t nuclear power the best solution to global warming?

“What about nuclear power? Isn’t that the best solution to global warming?”

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We made climate an issue in Reid!

Thanks to everyone who helped put climate at the forefront of voters minds in Reid!

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Our climate assessment of the election candidates

See our assessment of the climate and energy policies of all candidates running for Reid (House of Reps) and the Senate in NSW.

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Participants in Reid Candidate Forum, 26 April 2022

Video: Reid Candidates Climate Forum

Watch the video of our online forum with candidates for Reid talking climate. With Nature Conservation Council, we invited all candidates and thank Sahar Khalili, Charles Jago, & Sally Sitou for sharing their views.

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Big Climate Picnic, Burwood Park Pavilion and Community Centre, Sunday April 10 2022, 1-4pm

Big Climate Picnic. Sunday 10 April

Come to the Big Climate Picnic. Sunday 10 April 2022 Burwood Park.

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Mythbusters 7

Mythbusters: Climate scientists making money from the myth of global warming?

MYTH: Climate scientists make money and get famous by spreading the myth of global warming.
FACT:… ?

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