Our climate assessment of the election candidates

Who should you vote for?

In deciding which candidates and parties we regard as suitable for election on May 21, we have made an assessment of the climate policies of them all.

See below for PDF with detailed assessments. In short:

In the House of Representatives, we consider the Labor, Greens and Fusion Party candidates as suitable for election. The other five candidates (including the sitting Liberal member) are considered unsuitable as their policies are either inadequate, or hostile to climate action.

In the Senate, where you are required to choose at least six groups if voting above the line, we have made seven recommendations as suitable (in alpha order): Animal Justice, Australian Democrats, Fusion, Greens, Labor, Reason Australia, TNL.
Others we have rated unsuitable or, in the case of some special-interest groups, offered no position.

Whoever you choose to vote for and give your preferences to, please follow Australian Electoral Commission advise to ensure your vote is not informal.

House of Representatives [Reid] Candidates Assessment: Download (PDF)

Senate Parties Assessment: Download (PDF)

For a more detailed comparison of the climate-related policies of Labor, Liberals and the Greens, see our comparison assessment here: Download (PDF)

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