Election 2022

Climate change is the most important issue we need to vote for this election. And our electorate of Reid, is a crucial seat, so we want to show all parties that locals want strong action on climate.

We are NOT a political party, and are not aligned to any political party or candidate. But some parties and candidates have better policies to act on climate and reduce carbon emissions than others *.

So, this election, locals like us are getting involved to:

  • Provide independent information on the different candidates’ climate policies, and
  • Hand out our independent voting advice

We need your help !

We have 16,000 climate voting flyers to hand out, and we need helpers! Register here if you can do a 2-3 hour shift either during pre-poll (now until Fri 20th May) or on election day itself Sat 21st May.
We’ll provide you with training, a Tshirt and flyers. You just need comfortable shoes and some water.

Pre-poll is now open at Homebush West

Many people will be voting in person before election day. Pre-polling is open at Homebush West Community Centre, 52 Hampstead Rd, Homebush West 2140 (the other side of Flemington station to the markets) Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm (except Fri 20 May closes 6pm), plus Sat 14 May 8am – 4pm.
We need helpers for all these times!

* For more on the parties we’re recommending,

watch the video of our climate forum here

Election content authorised by Ken Enderby 31 Cormiston Ave, Concord NSW

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