Drummoyne Candidates Forum

Julia Little (Labor) and Charles Jago (Greens), candidates for Drummoyne at the March 25 2023 state election

Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay and Nature Conservation Council of NSW invited all candidates from the Drummoyne electorate in the March 25 election to participate in an online forum on climate policy, which took place on Wednesday March 15 2023.

Our thanks to Charles Jago (Greens) and Julia Little (Labor) for accepting our invitation to discuss their policies and take questions from the audience.

Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay does not endorse candidates for election, does not endorse political parties, and does not tell voters how to fill in their ballot papers. What we do is review the performance of the incumbent government and analyse the policies of parties seeking election. For information about making a formal vote, see the NSW Electoral Commission websiteĀ elections.nsw.gov.au

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