Why our exports matter

Australia’s carbon emissions are rising. That’s a problem.
But an even bigger problem is the fossil fuels we export, which other countries burn. Those emissions are rising even more dramatically. And will rise even further if the Adani mine in Qld goes ahead.

The above graph, compiled by the Grattan Institute shows how our coal, gas, and oil exports are at least twice the problem of our domestic emissions. More on that here. Neither the Liberal or Labor parties have any real policies on reducing these exports. Could the donations they receive from fossil fuel companies have something to do with this?

The problem is not only that Australia is punching above our weight in adding to global emissions. It’s that we don’t have a plan for a carbon-free world, where fossil fuels aren’t worth anything. Tim Buckley of IEEFA explained at our recent public forum, Australia is missing a great opportunity to be a leader in renewable energy exports, and runs the risk of being left behind with stranded assets.

Australia needs to stop relying on coal exports and look to energy sources of the future such as hydrogen fuel cells. And we need our politicians to act.

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