Put up a climate sign !

shows 2 people holding the signs

Here’s something simple you can do to support climate action – put up a sign (or sticker) !

71% of people in Reid * say they want our governments to take stronger action on climate.
But politicians say they don’t see that in our community.

And, most people don’t know their neighbours share their views, and are often afraid to discuss climate change for fear of being seen as an “activist”

The idea of these signs is simple: to show support for climate action in our area. People are putting up signs and stickers all over Australia. Let’s join them !

You can put one of these small corflute signs (around A4 size) up in your window, or attach to your front fence. We also have stickers for your mailbox / car / bike / backpack.

Order as many signs as you think you can distribute. We can deliver them to your home or workplace if you live in Burwood, Strathfield, or Canada Bay council areas.

If you’re feeling brave, you can even ask local shops or cafes if they’d be happy to put one up. Just let us know via the above link which shopping areas you are going to so we don’t double up.

Climate Action NOW signs & stickers are FREE. Order yours now via the button above.
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