NSW Election 2023: Drummoyne, Strathfield candidates survey responses

We have sent a questionnaire to each of the NSW state election candidates in the two electorates in our local area, namely Drummoyne and Strathfield. As responses are received, we will post them to this page.

The questions put to each candidate:

  • Are the current actions undertaken by the NSW State Government adequate to address the problem of climate change? Why?
  • Will you vote in parliament to legislate an emissions reduction target in NSW? If not, why not?
  • What more do you think could be done to reduce emissions in NSW?
  • Given that coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels, would you favour banning new coal projects in NSW? If so, when?
  • How will you increase the penetration of EVs in NSW so it matches take-up rates in Europe and China?
  • Do we need new gas exploration and mining for domestic supply, or would a gas reservation policy be preferable?
  • Land clearing is one of the main roadblocks in the quest to reduce emissions in NSW. What will you do to stop it from occurring?

The candidates surveyed, with links to their responses where received:

Patrick Conaghan (Sustainable Australia) [Survey response],
Stephanie di Pasqua (Liberal),
Charles Jago (Greens),
Julia Little (Labor).

John-Paul Baladi (Liberal),
Courtney Buckley (Greens),
Wally Crocker (Sustainable Australia) [Survey response],
Jason Yat-Sen Li (Labor) [Survey response],
Maurie Saidi (Animal Justice) [Survey response]

Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay does not endorse candidates for election, does not endorse political parties, and does not tell voters how to fill in their ballot papers. What we do is review the performance of the incumbent government and analyse the policies of parties seeking election. For information about making a formal vote, see the NSW Electoral Commission website elections.nsw.gov.au

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