Public Forum on Climate Change

We held a public forum on Monday 29th April, with 3 great speakers, a good crowd of locals, and lots of great discussion afterwards.

Chris Lockhart-Smith , of ecodweller and the UNSW Sustainable Built Environment, spoke on the Climate Science, starting with a brief history exposing the basic principles. And then on how climate is impacting the earth, the built environment.
You can view his presentation here, though unfortunately this does not include the fabulous NASA animations of aspects of the climate.

Tim Buckley, of Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis , explained how the big coal markets we are exporting to are disappearing, as China and India massively switch to wind and solar power and financial institutions have ceased investing in coal. We need to take account of that now.
“Building new coal plants makes no sense in 2019.
We need to accelerate the transition to wind and solar technologies, combined with battery storage, DRM, PHS and interstate grid connectivity. We risk falling behind.
We need a transition plan”

You can view his presentation here.

Manjot Kaur is a young organiser of the SchoolStrike4Climate and she passionately explained the kind of People Power action we need to take, as citizens, to impress on our politicians the urgency of the climate emergency we face, the desperate need we have to take real action now.

And thanks also to Lucy Chen, one of our younger members, a uni student, for stepping up and being wonderful as the MC for us, on a night when problems with the technology meant she had to adapt quickly to changes in the plan!

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