Next meeting: Tuesday 7th July 2020

We’re still meeting – online via Zoom instead of face to face.

All welcome to join in.

Think Globally, Act Locally !

Our current plans include:

  • Reaching out to community groups to raise awareness
  • Campaigning to get local councils to declare a Climate Emergency
  • Working with councils to reduce both council and local community emissions
  • Holding events relevant to the above
  • Participating in the broader climate movement

New members and ideas are always welcome – and it’s free to join!

Planned regular meetings for 2020:

Mar: Tues 3, Tues 17
Apr Tues 7, Tues 21
May: Tues 5, Tues 19
Jun: Tues 2, Tues 16
Jul: Tues 7, Tues 21
Aug: Tues 4, Tues 18
Sep: Tues 1. Tues 15
Oct: Tues 6, Tues 20
Nov: Tues 3, Tues 17
Dec: Tues 1

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