Have your say on a Climate Act

Let your MP know you want them to support the Act.

Australia needs to commit to net zero emissions by 2050.

But unlike the UK, New Zealand and many other nations, we don’t have an Act of Parliament to make this happen. That leaves us dependent on the whims of each government, who often come to power with the backing of fossil fuel interests. There is no independent oversight.

Independent MP, Zali Steggall has proposed a bill to introduce a Climate Act. An Act would legislate emissions reductions targets and have a framework for achieving them. Read more here

What you can do :
The government has referred the bill to the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy.

Contact your local MP to ask them to support the bill.

Some points you could make:

  • Why you want Australia to commit to emissions reduction, and have 5-yearly targets to achieve this.
  • Why you value climate risk and adaptation assessments for all sectors (electricity, transport, agriculture, industry).
  • Why we need an independent Climate Commission.

See this page for more tips.

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