Canada Bay declares climate emergency

Canada Bay council have joined dozens of councils across Australia declaring we are in a climate emergency, and pledging to take stronger action to reduce emissions.

The motion passed unanimously by Canada Bay council on Sep 17, 2019:

1. THAT Council recognises that we are in a state of climate emergency that
requires urgent action by all levels of government, including local councils
and that by taking urgent action it is still possible to prevent the most
catastrophic outcomes.
2. THAT Building on actions in Council’s Strategic and Operational Plans, and its 2014 Greenhouse Action Plan, Council programs will continue to initiate and promote actions to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
3. THAT Council staff prepare a report on updated targets for reduction in
consumption of electricity, natural gas, water, vehicle fuel, paper and waste in Council operations, with details of current and possible Council programs in those areas generating greenhouse gas emissions.
4. THAT Council staff provide a briefing on possible programs related to
emissions reductions or other climate-related areas targeted at the community in the Canada Bay Local Government Area.
5. THAT Council calls on state and federal governments to contribute additional funding to support local government programs dealing with climate change, and to accelerate action at state and federal levels to reduce all types of emissions

The UK, and over a thousand local and state governments have now declared a climate emergency. Keep up to date here:

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