Climate 101

Climate change is real, but what exactly is it, and what can we do in Sydney?

‘Climate 101’ is a presentation & discussion we’ve developed on the science of climate change, the solutions, and the actions we can all take. We plan to give ‘Climate 101’ talks to 1,000 locals in 2021. Do you know someone we could give a presentation to?

Host a session:
Do you have a group of friends / neighbours / workmates or a club you belong to, who would like a chance to find out more about climate change and ask some questions ?

This is a FREE presentation for those who:
– Have questions about climate change or renewable energy
– Are unsure what difference we can make,  and/or
– Want some more info about our climate action group

We cover the basics of what’s causing climate change, how it will impact us in Australia, and what solutions are available. Then we’ll discuss what our politicians are doing and how you can make a difference (even without leaving home! )

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